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News update for registered attendees

Hi everyone - thank you again for registering.  We have a few news items for you:

  • If you're planning to stay at the Premier Waterfront Hotel and haven't already booked your room PLEASE DO SO BY MAY 13 - the hotel will release unreserved rooms after that day, and because there are many other events happening in town you will probably not be able to get a room if you try to reserve it after May 13.
  • There will be an airport shuttle van to and from Appleton airport (ATW).  It will be run by the Premier Waterfront Hotel, and will be free of charge to hotel guests, otherwise it will cost $20 USD *cash* (exact change please) in each direction, to be paid to the driver.  The shuttle van will pick up and drop off at Horizon Village in addition to the hotel.  Please sign up for the shuttle service ahead of time, at
  • We are finalizing on campus parking arrangements, but plan on parking in Lot 7 adjacent to Sage Hall.  Parking for those staying at Horizon Village is still being worked out.
  • We will have recreation facility passes for you at the Albee Hall swimming pool and the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.
  • We have sent out acceptance emails for our talks, and are finishing the schedule page.
We look forward to seeing you here!