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Call for training

Interested in teaching a class?
Call for training

Plone 101 class at PSM13

Do you want to offer a training class at Plone Symposium Midwest?

From June 13 through 17, 2014, classroom space is available in our very new, state of the art facility: Sage Hall.

Classroom Technology

Classrooms are fully decked out with the latest technologies:

  • WIFI
  • dual projection screens
  • dual booting Macs with Windows
  • document cameras
  • stadium seating or movable tables for configurable seating
  • white boards
  • power at every seat


Class Topics

We are looking for classes covering

  • technical topics such as Plone, Python, and related technologies (e.g. Pyramid)
  • mobile apps
  • less technical topics, such as content creation for the web (e.g. web marketing) 
  • technology in education


The following class offerings have been confirmed:

  • Fundamentals of Python (Chris Calloway, 5 days)
  • Plone Theming (Chrissy Wainwright, 2 days)
  • Strategic Thinking & Practices Workshop (Dr. Curtis Odom, 1 day)



Draw your students from:

  • Symposium attendees: users, content editors, site managers, system administrators, developers, integrators, marketers, faculty members, students
  • University of Wisconsin Oshkosh staff (academic and administrative), faculty, and students
  • Oshkosh and Fox Valley community members



Duration: Your class could last anywhere from one day up to five days, from about 8 am through to 5 pm, or any portion of the day you like.

Cost: Typical class costs have ranged from $75 to $250 per student.  The Plone Symposium Midwest does not charge trainers a fee.  

Meals: A catered mid-morning snack, lunch, and mid-afternoon snack package costing $21 per student per day is available to trainers; let us know if you'd like this package and we'll arrange it.  You'll pay the catering service directly for this, as well as their delivery fees. Last year, the trainers all requested this package and paid for it out of their student registration fees.

Questions? Ready to teach?

If you'd like to learn more or you'd like to offer a class, please contact us!