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Driving to Oshkosh - Coming from the North

Coming from Appleton Airport to Oshkosh

1. In Appleton, connect to Hwy 41 and proceed South

2. Exit on Hwy 21 (Omro Road).  This is the first exit after crossing the lake.

This exit comes up quick after the lake.

3. Turn East on Hwy 21 (Omro Road)

You will go through multiple roundabouts.

4. Continue driving east on Hwy21 and cross the river.

Don't worry you will see the bridge.  The next exit is just beyond the bridge.

5. Turn South on High Ave

This is a One Way road.

6. Continue down High Ave and you will enter the campus.

7. Look for parking lot sign 7.  This lot will not be ticketed and allow overnight parking.

If you park in any lot other than Lot 7, you WILL get a ticket.