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Topics for Sprints, Birds a Feather, and Lightning Talks

There will be 3 days of sprints (June 20-22), one Birds of a Feather session June 19, and lightning talks at lunch on June 18 & 19. Add your topics here and join in the fun!

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    Sprint Topics


    • MEET IN Sage 3235 at 9:30 am on June 20, 21, 22
    • PloneEdu web site sprint: finish the new project that was started at PSE12. Attending: Kim Nguyen, Sally Kleinfeldt, William Fennie
    • Dexterity / PloneFormGen feature parity: Dexterity is still missing some key user interface features that we like in PloneFormGen. Let's see about fixing that!
    • Plone Marketing & Communication: Write the verticals and case studies for See the Trello Board
    • Improve TTW Customization story: Finish up work on collective.jbot to make it dead-easy to customize ALL resources TTW, per site.
    • Plone 5: Plone 5 will be in alpha/beta/RC by this time and will need bug fixes
    • Skin removal: Finish anything left of removal skin templates and scripts for Plone 5
    • JavaScript/Mockup: don't be caught flat-footed by Plone 5!
    • Plone Installer: get them all working for Plone 5! Paul Roeland, Steve McMahon, Sven Strack. The installer team will be seeking Plone Foundation "strategic" status for this topic, and travel assistance may be available for people who wish to work on it who on it but wouldn't otherwise be able to attend.


        Birds of a Feather Topics


        • MEET IN Sage 1210 on June 19 after the closing keynote
        • brainstorm PloneEdu product ideas or tying together products that are useful to universities and schools. E.g. enhancements to uwosh.timeslot, uwosh.pfg.d2c, uwosh.meeting; updates to FacultyStaffDirectory, CMFBibliography; new ways of engaging edu users, developers, and institutions. Attending: T. Kim Nguyen, Sally Kleinfeldt, William Fennie
        • Plone open strategic discussion: a follow up to PSM13's discussion. Where do we go from here?
        • Plone marketing & communication: where we are with and communications within the community


          Lightning Talks


          • Sage 1210 following lunches on June 18 & 19
          • things we've done with Plone (some might say "to Plone") at UW Oshkosh [Kim Nguyen]
          • [your talk here]